This new polar movement design provides a rigid high efficiency frame that allows for quick crisp moves, large travels and good visibility into the die.

They are full featured transfer robots. The path is fully programmable as are user inputs and outputs. They are electronically geared to the press for easy setup and adjustment.

All of our 3 Axis Transfer Robots use our State of the Art controls featuring absolute multi-turn servo motor encoders, user programmable inputs with fault checking and user programmable outputs with multiple Boolean expressions. Boolean expressions include press position, transfer position, transfer status and programmable inputs.

Overhead Press Mount

The DBTD Transfer Robot has been designed to be press mounted. It mounts overhead to allow for easy access to the bolster area for easy die changes and adjustments. Its large travels accommodate a large range of die and part sizes.

Bolster Die Mount

The DBBU Transfer Robot has been designed to provide an economical solution versus systems like 'Through the window'. Such systems are large, expensive and not necessarily well suited to smaller presses. Typical mounting options would be to the bolster or a sub-plate or to the die shoe. Some applications can run from one side making this choice even more economical.

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