DieBotics is headquartered in the bustling city of Grand Rapids, a city with interests ranging from art and beer to tourism and business.

At DieBotics, we are in the business of manufacturing efficient transfer systems to meet our clients’ requirements. We accomplish this through our holistic approach towards engineering which involves:

  • Investing in continuous research & development
  • Keeping up with the latest technology
  • Deploying the appropriate technologies into our products
  • Stringent quality checks

Our prime objective is to recommend the best solution that fits our customer's requirements without regard to specific products.

We believe that our service does not end with the supply of the systems but continues throughout our association with the customer.

The genesis of DieBotics:

It wasn’t by chance but with conscious pursuit of excellence and desire to improve & innovate that led to the inception of DieBotics.


In 1996, while working for a stamping die manufacturer, I engineered and built a die specific transfer system. While it met the requirements of the customer, I knew that I could do much better if I had more time and other resources to execute my ideas. So, in 1998 I purchased the die manufacturing company and began designing, engineering and testing my new ideas. After two years of exhaustive work, in 2000, the first transfer resulting from this effort was built and placed into production. In 2001, a patent was issued for this design. During that time the name DieBotics was coined and subsequently trademarked, as a means of creating an identity for this new product. Research and development has continued ever since with new ideas and products, and improvement of the existing products. Many new ideas currently have patents pending.

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