Transfer Systems

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Press Style

Link Drive

Press Speed in SMP


Press stroke

Press Shut Height


Window Dimensions

Height from top of Bolster to

Bed Size

Rolling Bolster:

Column Dimensions

New Press or Retrofit:

Press Automation Delivery Date

Installation Geographical Location

Transfer Specific Questions

Feed Direction

Desired Maximum Pitch

Desired Maximum Reach In(Clamp)

Desired Maximum Lift

Pass line height from top of bolster


Anticipated Maximum No. of Stations

Additional Information

Destacker Feeder Specific Questions:

Top of Bolster to Surrounding Floor

Blank Destacker-Feeder desired features

Pick and place from pallet stack

Pick and place from bulk random gondola

Round blank

Non-round blank

Pallet change automated

Pallet change on the fly

Pass line height from top of bolster


Blank Placement Location

Current Pallets

If yes number of Stacks on Pallets

If yes do pallets use guides/pins

Max. Pallet Weight

Max. Pallet Height

Min. Blank Sizer


Max. Blank Sizer


Material Type

Min. Material Thickness

Max. Material Thickness

Max. Blank Weight

Class A Parts

Multiple blank feed Required

Desired SPM

Additional Information

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