“ Dear Tim,

In response to your request for a letter of reference, I am more than happy to offer the following comments.

We contracted to buy from you the first full three-axis transfer systems that DieBotics produced. When we made that decision, we knew you had experience producing transfers of various designs and had done so for a number of years and that you were also in the research and development stage of the three-axis system. Our project, which required this transfer, was the single largest and most complex project in Multi-Plex history. Based on your track record with Multi-Plex, we had the confidence that you and your company would successfully fulfill this contract.

The package consisted of one transfer, two sets of finger bars, one master plate, and four different transfer dies that produced two different outer rocker covers and their mating inner covers. We had several problems to overcome. Some were our own lack of transfer knowledge, some were normal start-up problems, and others were related to the new transfer. It did not matter what the problem was; you took care of it! Your support was excellent and our transfer continues to run very well after having run over a million parts. The control is easy to learn and as new questions concerning its use arise, your telephone support has been more than adequate in providing answers.

I have no doubt that you will be successful selling your transfer and I highly recommend it.”

Steve Schaaf, Engineering Manager
Multi-Plex, Inc.
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